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Steel and Metallurgy

(Steel and Metallurgy)

Steel and Metallurgy


Weihua has the expertise and the technology to help you perform the tough, dangerous lifting work required in the steel and metallurgy industry. We work with you to provide equipment to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout your operation, from moving iron ore and recycled steel to pouring hot metal and shaping products in the rolling mill and finally the intelligent handling of finished steel products.

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Weihua has provided over 100,000 cranes to the steel and metallurgical industries in China and globally. Our metallurgical cranes include ladle handling crane, charging crane, forging crane, quenching crane, slab and billet handling crane, Coil and plate handling crane, universal cranes, as well as multifunctional crane for electrolytic copper and aluminum and other special cranes. Our cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with FEM, DIN and GB standards.


Features of Metallurgy Crane

1. It adopts Siemens PLC and Siemens inverter for control and drive. At the same time, Profinet is used for communication between PLC and inverter. It is equipped with communication detection function, which can detect the working status of each station in real time.
2. A monitoring system is installed to monitor the working status of the crane in real time.
3.It is with wireless transmission and electronic scales, real-time transmission of the weight of liquid metal.
4. Each crane is designed with an electric room, and an industrial air conditioner is installed in the electric room to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical equipment.
5.  The overall design is with lightweight and compact structure.
6. Low height, light self-weight, small hook limit, large working range.
7. High quality parts, durable, safe and reliable.
8. Less maintenance and repair costs.
9. Small total crane power and low energy consumption.
10. Frequency control, smooth lifting and less impact.


You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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